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:::Sincerity in undertone:::

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June 14th, 2004

09:42 pm
I <3 'Lost in translation', i'm trying to talk my friend into making 2 userpics for me, couse Photoshop is something mysterious 4 me, heh...a pic with these words 'lost in myself'
maybe anyone can share some 'lost in translation' userpisc with me, i'll be gratefull & i promise i' ll credit

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12:59 am
well..tonight i wrote my diary again..i'm trying to understand myself..
i realised i miss Him..i saw him only once since then, he's adorable, i can say he's still the man of my dream. if my mum helps me and phones his mum (they're friends), it will be really great, it will another chance to start our relations again.
timberlake is singing..yeah..his music gives me hope & renews my feelings.. wow..pure energy!!

ps. I'ma really glad that i donno see Her, who always insists that i'ma worst than she is. ha ha ha, no, baby! It's my time now!

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12:54 am - Hullo!
my new lj - i'ma really glad that something has changed

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